President Trump Ordered By Judge To Provide Tax Returns

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US President, Donald Trump
US President, Donald Trump

United States didn’t get what he expected in his lawsuit which sought to stop the Manhattan District Attorney from getting his tax returns as a federal court judge dismissed the suit and ordered him to provide the tax returns.

The Attorney’s obtaining Trump’s tax returns is part of an ongoing investigation into money payments during the 2016 campaign.

The Judge, Victor Marrero, didn’t accept the President’s argument that his position gives him immunity to any investigation from any prosecutor.

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Trump, flanked by his son, Barron and wife, Melania
Trump, flanked by his son, Barron, and wife, Melania

Judge Marrero’s ruling supports District Attorney Cyrus Vance’s subpoena to Trump’s accountants after the President filed a lawsuit to stop the subpoena, stating that he would be harmed irreparably if his tax returns were obtained.

It was however revealed that moments after the ruling, Trump’s private attorneys asked the US Court of Appeals to temporarily put the case on hold.

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The Trump administration has come under heavy fire with many calling for his impeachment. The US leader is significant for his impulsive social media posts and his controversial persona.   

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