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Record Labels And Bad Blood: The Kiss Daniel – G Worldwide Brouhaha

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Kiss Daniel and G-worldwide

The week has quite a buzz around, from social to political and the drama cannot be ruled out.

You might want to ask yourself, what is it with Nigerian Record Labels and bad blood? You’ve had enough, want to take your leave, then it all becomes a problem. They make all efforts to reduce you to nothing. Why is it so? You don’t expect these artists to serve under you forever and they shouldn’t be indebted to you in any way.

We’ve witnessed quite a number of artists-labels drama in the Nigerian music industry and it’s really funny how things turned out to be. As a matter of fact, only a few artists have become really more successful after leaving their labels to be independent. Loyalty is misguided but there is always a time to move on.

Starting with the and 2face relationship; 2baba, as he stands tall in the industry today, owes a lot to and Kennis Music for taking him out of the Plantashun Boiz shell and putting him on the spotlight. As goodwill might have it, 2baba’s contract expired with the label and they never requested for a renewal which gave him the opportunity to start Hypertek.

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2face Idibia and Kenny Ogungbe

According to Kenny Ogungbe, the media got it all wrong then, 2face never left but they didn’t just renew his contract. 2face also confirmed this.

In his words;

“My contract with Kennis Music expired and that was why I left, but before it did, I fulfilled all my obligations.”

“I left because I wanted to start something on my own. There was no beef, it was just the end of my contract.”

Another study is StarBoy and Empire Mates Entertainment; and Wizkid almost had it rough at the beginning of their split. Wizkid had demanded a review in percentage sharing while he was reportedly getting just 25%. and Segun Demuren who get 50%; and Osagie (ThisMetalChic), Wizzy’s ex-manager who introduced him to Banky after big record labels like Mo-Hits and Storm records rejected him, also got 25% from his hard earned money.

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Wizkid and Banky W

Wizkid finally called it a quit when the label refused to review the percentage formula. WizKid reportedly paid a huge amount as settlement (we’re not so sure about that). But the point is, they finally released the boy with less drama. We all are witnesses to what happened next, of course, it’s history. Wizkid is the eye of Africa

Fast forward to this moment, A G-Worldwide is holding Kiss Daniel to ransom ’cause he called it a quit. Threatening him under malicious contract deal is apparently the weakest defence. Okay, fine, you did this, you did that – like you ran at loss or what? Or you’ve not made enough returns on investment. Nah! It’s simply shrewd wickedness here! The high point we couldn’t just contain was the part that says the artist doesn’t even have the right to use the stage name “Kiss Daniel” outside the label. Prolly they should also request for all the clothes they bought for him.

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The deal Kiss Daniel had with G Worldwide seemed sketchy and schemed with the ignorance of the former. The label was already in the venture of milking him before his sudden realization but a young man got held down with a legal contract. Finally having the full guts and opportunity, he takes the bold step out of the label and you want to make hell loose?

Our Record labels should know when to fight and not with a bad blood!