REVEALED! How ATM & Phone Thieves Defraud Unsuspecting Nigerians

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ATM In Lagos
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This may be an admonition to numerous. If you are one of those who carry their banks on their hands, then this might interest you.

On the off chance that you have an abnormal state enthusiasm for Internet managing an account, or you have your financial balances wired straight into your mobile phone, at that point you better be watchful. On the off chance that you additionally run about with your Automated Teller Machine (ATM) cards in your pockets constantly, and make a few appearances to the ATM when you’re low on money, this may likewise be a bit of caution.

There are heaps of criminals out there focusing on your phones and . In the event that you lose any of them nowadays, you may be stuck in an unfortunate situation. They will approach your financial balance and continue to deplete everything in it to the last kobo. Numerous who have fallen prey to them as of late is as yet sulking. All at once, the fraudsters cheated them of all the cash they had worked for. At the point when the criminals take mobile phones, they utilize them to get to the ledgers of their casualties.

At that point, they utilize the cash to purchase broadcast appointment for themselves and later, similar to Father Christmas, dispense the abundance to their companions and friends and family. When they snatch ATM cards, they change the pins and continue to pull back each kobo their casualties have, abandoning them with only anguish. Almost certainly, one of the innovation’s new blessings to humankind is Internet saving money.

This resourcefulness unarguably has been progressive – a radical takeoff from those saving money methods for old, those occasions when records must be domiciled in one branch. Records holders must convey passbooks about town, lining inside saving money corridors, gripping their count numbers while anguishing for a considerable length of time unending. All that is currently a tall tale. Advancements in the keeping money division have revived things. With a negligible press of a solitary symbol on your mobile phone, you can exchange a huge amount of money over a few many kilometres. Presently, you don’t have to carry huge amounts of money on you any longer. For sure, without question, things have drastically improved.

“Be that as it may, the more we have this innovation-driven, keeping money, the more they tend to fly up new difficulties which likewise debilitate our reality.” This was the outcry of Gerald, a man in Lagos who had his three ATM cards stolen as of late and his whole live profit wiped out by an insensitive criminal. He stated: “I keep up three financial balances and have ATM cards joined to each. I generally hold up the three cards in a pocket, which I convey going to enable me to make simple exchanges.

“Almost three weeks back, I was en route to Shomolu to execute a business. I ceased over at a bank in Yaba where I made a few exchanges. Be that as it may, I never knew how the pocket containing all my ATM cards slipped off. “Since I had a printing work that I should convey at a young hour the following day, I couldn’t go home. So I made a beeline for my office to join whatever remains of my staff. “Soon after 12 pm, I started getting charge alarms. They were pouring in, in downpours.

I was frightened. When I checked my telephone, I found that the cautions were originating from all the three records. I observed powerlessly as each record went down to zero kobo. Every one of the exchanges was done at an old age put money on Agege Motor Road. “The kindred who grabbed my pocket had held up until midnight since he found that I had made most extreme withdrawals for the day preceding from two of my records. Maybe he focused to make the withdrawals at the same time, abandoning me no possibility of hindering any of the records. “That was the manner by which he conveyed me to ground zero. Until this minute, it’s troublesome for me to trust that it happened,” he deplored.

More regrettable were the misfortunes of this young woman, Oby. She had finished her national administration two years previously now. She remained at home without an occupation as of not long ago. Two months prior, she secured an advertising work at one of the new age manages an account with an office in Ikeja. It was likely not her fantasy work, but rather she needed to pick it at any rate. The compensation was not incredible. For one entire month, she got no compensation. So she needed to utilize the cash she had admirably. Toward the finish of August, she was paid her pay which ended up being her initially procuring ever. The cash was stopped in the record she had opened with her managers.

She had gotten the alarm late; she needed to go home to educate her folks about her compensation and request their favours previously making any pulls back. That night, she was elated that finally, she now had the cash to pull back from. Be that as it may, she commended early. As indicated by her, the minute she boarded the transport, a young fellow jumped in and sat adjacent to her. At that point, someplace over the span of the adventure, her telephone rang. She accepted the call. From that point, she couldn’t tell how she lost the set. Not until the point when she returned home. She looked for it without much of any result. She called her number however it had been turned off. She didn’t speculate that the more regrettable was yet to come. In agonizing tones, she recounted whatever remains of the story. “When I got to the workplace the following morning, I portrayed the episode to my associates.

There and afterwards, one of them instantly exhorted me to continue to obstruct my financial balance before it was past the point of no return. “When I went to hold up the protest, a check uncovered that everything in the record had been utilized to buy broadcast appointment. ‘In any case, you have utilized your cash to buy broadcast appointment,’ the woman said. ‘What were you doing with that much broadcast appointment?'”

Oby reviewed that she sobbed like an infant when she recounted the unpalatable story. Each kobo in her new record was no more. She was distressed and as it should be.

“Be that as it may, that was not the finish of the story,” she said. “In the wake of swindling me, the kindred looked through my contacts. He rang my dad and disclosed to him that he recovered my telephone. He asked him to either go to no particular address at Mile 2 or ask me to and pick the telephone.”

A man who distinguished himself just as Tony said having learnt the jokes of the fraudsters, the sum total of what he had been doing was to erase his record adjust after each exchange. “I never again take risks,” he said.

“Each time I get a bank exchange ready, I remember the record adjust before erasing it. For me, that is a superior activity it.” Chizoba Ikenwa, an Internet Communication Technology (ICT) master bore witness to that it was especially feasible for fraudsters to cheat individuals utilizing their ATM cards. “It once happened to my uncle in the beginning of the ATM card.One critical Friday evening, he started getting different alarms until the point that all the cash he had in his record was no more. He was exhorted by his bank to gripe to the Central Bank of Nigeria CBN).

He did as such a few times yet nothing left it. “In any case, Bank Verification Number (BVN) which was acquainted by the CBN attempted with check the misrepresentation to a little degree, same for the most extreme every day withdrawal from ATM. Be that as it may, every one of that has not to a great extent made a difference. “Fraudsters don’t require your stick to survey your cash utilizing your ATM card.


Some of them have this product that can break the framework. It is simple. “You should review that comfortable back of each ATM card, there is a three-digit number, the name of the card and its expiry date. With these pieces of information, fraudsters can go to online gateways to purchase things. “In all honesty, ATMs in Nigeria are not secured. The framework has bunches of trap.

Thus in the event that one loses his or her card, the correct action is to call the bank to hinder the card and deny whoever gets it gets to. “In the event that the misfortune occurs on an end of the week, one can call the client benefit office promptly. There is dependably a number to call yet the issue is that banks have not sufficiently made mindfulness around these numbers.”Even where the mindfulness has been made, bear in mind that numerous Nigerians are to a great extent uninformed of such.

Envision a market lady losing her card. She won’t have the capacity to contact the bank until the point that all her cash is no more.” He uncovered that occasionally a few people help fraudsters to dupe them. “On the off chance that you are around an ATM point, and you welcome an outsider to enable you to deal with an issue, you may make an open door for them to swindle you. As the fraudster is helping you, he can remember your card number and maybe a couple different insights about it and after that go ahead to clone your card. Utilizing a fake ATM, he can get to your cash. That is basic,” he cautioned.

Olumide Anifowose

Olumide Anifowose

A graduate of Anthropology, University of Cape Coast.

Olumide Anifowose

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