#RevolutionNow: Sowore Speaks On Being Maltreated While In Detention

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Omoyele Sowore speaks on being maltreated

#RevolutionNow Convener, , has spoken about being maltreated by the while in custody.

Sowore, who has been in detention since August 3, 2019, said he was beaten and rough-handled while being taken to the facility and when he arrived there, the ill-treatment had continued.

I was abducted in the middle of the night. I was taken to one of your facilities in . I was beaten up, rough-handled on my way to the facility in the car. And my cousin, who was in the room with me, was also beaten and handcuffed, and my properties were forcefully seized. And when I got there, of course the maltreatment continued. They threw me on a cold floor and locked the door.

I had no contact with even the guards for two nights. I was in that facility before I was flown here by your agents. So, I was seriously maltreated.Omoyele Sowore –

Sowore’s disclosure was made during an interrogation by DSS Agents. The transcript was shared by Inihebe Effiong, and it stated that Sowore was interrogated by five DSS Operatives, with a lawyer present.

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One of the Operatives, Usman Usman, who led the interrogation, had told Sowore that they would be asking him questions and advised that he be truthful in his answers.

Sowore further said he hadn’t been allowed contact with his brother, who was outside at the time of the interrogation.

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The DSS had recently filed fresh charges against Omoyele Sowore with many Nigerians condemning the act and insisting on his release by the Federal Government.

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