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Robert Mugabe Sacked From His Own Zanu PF Party

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Is Robert Mugabe Dead?

Zimbabwe ruling party sacks as party leader, appoints former vice-president Mnangagwa in his place.

A Zanu-PF minister confirmed that Robert Mugabe is also refusing to speak as part of his days-long protest over his confinement and the recent development.

‘The old man has been trying a lot of various tricks since last night,’ the minister, who asked not to be named, said. ‘Hunger strikes, making threats and refusing to talk,’ he said in an interview with Daily Mail.

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ZANU-PF party’s moves to remove Mugabe as its leader at a special meeting was made known on Sunday. It was reported that the central committee of the party on Sunday had decided on the matter and will kick him out.

Meanwhile, Mugabe is set to discuss his expected exit with army commander Constantino Chiwenga, who put him under the house arrest that he is protesting with a hunger strike.

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