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Selena Gomez Finds Herself In ‘Lose You To Love Me’ Video

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Lose You To Find Me

Song by  
Produced by FINNEAS & Mattman & Robin 
Album: SG3 
Released: 23 October 2019 

Selena Gomez gets serious in her latest video directed by Sophie Muller and shot entirely on ’s 11 Pro.

Shot in black and white (which portrays the serious mood and theme of the song), the song explores empty promises, loving oneself, and breakup. This isn’t the typical content seen in a lot of videos nowadays (a welcome development for a change) and Gomez shows a side of her that has barely been seen before now.

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The singer is in a darkly-lit room which reminds one of a therapy session and that is kind of the point as the song is therapeutic in nature.

The lyrics are quite deep with lines like “I needed to lose you to find me” pointing to the musician finding her inner self in what was apparently a one-sided relationship in which happiness eluded her.

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Sometimes, self-discovery comes at the cost of losing someone once cherished and the song doesn’t shy away from this. “I saw the signs and I ignored it” may be an indication that the relationship was most likely abusive.

Lose You To Love Me carries a powerful message; never let anyone hinder your personal growth and reduce your self-worth, no matter how close that person may be to you. If cutting ties with him/her is the only way out, then you should do it. Hurt will come but in the end, you will be the better for it.

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