Several Killed And Injured As Miami Pedestrian Bridge Collapses

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Miami Pedestrian Bridge Collapse
Miami Pedestrian Bridge Collapse

Tragedy has hit Miami after a pedestrian bridge that was constructed some days ago collapsed on Thursday, March 15 leaving several dead and injured.

The bridge situated at Florida International University in Miami was installed on Saturday collapsed today with five to six vehicles crushed underneath.

According to a witnessed account made available by CNN;

“We heard a loud bang behind us … and we looked back and the bridge had completely collapsed,” said Isabella Carrasco, a student at the University of Miami, who had just passed underneath the bridge in a car. Doctors and medical students ran to the scene from a nearby building and started giving medical attention to victims, she said.

Carrasco said she saw at least five or six cars completely crushed beneath the bridge.

“Someone on the side of the road had asked a police officer if she had heard any response from the people inside the car,” Carrasco said, “and she shook her head and said no.”

Ricardo Dejo, an FIU civil engineering student, told CNN he saw cars pinned beneath the bridge. “I can’t describe it,” Dejo said. “We were really excited about the bridge (before the crash). Everything looked fine. I went underneath it with my own car and it looked great.”

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