Shocking As GTB ATM Dispenses 5 Naira Note

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If what , a Facebook user shared is something to go about, then this is a really disturbing issue. According to Morgan, an ATM belonging to Guaranty Trust Bank (GTB) dispensed 5 naira note as 500 hundred. He expressed shock about the experience.

He wrote:

Be Careful at ATM
My personal experience today, Thursday, 1st June,2017.
I used my card at a this morning to draw some cash and to my amazement, a N5 note was pushed out alongside N500 notes to make up my total drawn amount.

I felt embarrassed seeing this and complained to the customer service / Manager. It was resolved after wasting my time to establish that it really happened.

My advice, always check your cash before leaving ATM and once notice such, use your phone to snap it as an evidence.

See attached pictures as mine evidence.

Written By:
Ay Morgan

However, this could be an error on the part of the person loading the machine. But how on earth would N5 look like N500. Their texture aren’t even close! Well, this should be an eye-opener for others.

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