Since BSO Has Taken Over From Disbanded BMC

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Buhari Media Centre Team

Lai Muhammed doubled as chief propagandist (minister of information) and Shill Director-General of the Buhari Media Centre – the Buhari led FG’s online opinion crafting machinery.

With the floating of the Buhari Support Organisation ( BSO by the current Customs boss), it points to signs of cracking fault lines within the satanic alliance of the APC, that is between the Northern Islamofascist CPC faction and their lower retrogressive occultic Yoruba ACN colleagues on the other.

BMC began its shilling operation from Alausa with financing from the demystified and highly corrupt Babatunde Fashola when he was governor of Lagos. The main aim of the Alausa roaches back then was to infiltrate 9ja cyberspace extolling Fashola’s administrative style and non-existing projects. It worked. And so it was no surprise that the same shameless cadre of jobless e-touts will be deployed to the front lines in convincing their daft Yoruba and myopic southern idiots to see Buhari as the next best thing in the last presidential polls.

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The Alausa shilling complex was expanded by Fashola in conjunction with Lair Muhammed to this aim. And when Buhari finally got sworn in with Lair Muhammed shamelessly being rewarded as minister of dis-information and for the un-cultured zombies, Alausa had to move to Utako, Abuja. The likes of Gbawe, Mynd44 and Omenka got to go Abuja.

All went smooth for BMC and life had never been better for the unemployable Omenka and the lout Mynd44.

But all things come to an end at one point and so the cracks began for BMC.

The northern jihadist wing of the CPC had never trusted their lower Afonja accomplices and so when cracks began at the top echelon of the wizard assembly, it was natural that the troglodytes at the bottom slugging it at BMC will be the first to get the axe.

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Hammeed Ali has taken the jihad sword to lead his Muhammadu back to power come rain or blood and with the floating of the Buhari Support Organisation, Hammeed hopes to wrestle the propaganda machinery from Lai Muhammed and Alausa. The jihadist have the impression that the e-rodents in BMC are more sympathetic to their ACN ogas and this is borne out of the frustration by people like the custom boss who see BMC’s inability to defend Buhari’s gross incompetence.

So my friends, the reason you see zombies like Sarrki shifting ground or the likes of Omenka burying their head in shame or even mynd44 doing the near once impossible of pushing anti Buhari topics to FP is because they have been severely pruned by preventing further funding of BMC.

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The question to ask is not if but when will Sarrki, Omenka and Co dump BMC for the more financially buoyant BSO?


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