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Soldier Kidd – Grand Theft Auto

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Download mp3 Soldier Kidd Grand Theft Auto GTA mp3 downlad

is here with “Grand Theft Auto (GTA)”, a hip-hop track from his All Eyez On Me album project.

Quotable Lyrics:

You gon’ make me lose my brain (I’ma lose that shit)
I just hopped out ready to bang (call me Ludacris)
I’ma make that nigga change (I’ma shoot that bitch)
Boy I swear my life is GTA (it’s a movie clip)
I just caught another GTA (in a stolo whip)
I’ma wet him up with the K (ain’t comin’ bitch)
Damn that coochie wetter than a lake (all up in that clit)
I won’t do no rappin’ on your grave (ain’t rappin’ with them jits)
Boy I go to snappin’ ándale (boy I’m snappin’ quick)
I’m a zoe boy out of Delray (we eat all the jits)
You make no noise, we don’t know your game (we don’t know them jits)
Ready to bang out like it’s GTA


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