Stanley Nwabia Dies As Blood Transfusion Goes Wrong

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Stanley Nwabia dies at 43
dies at 43

Stanley Nwabia, a popular Nigerian social media commentator is dead at the age of 43.

According to Mr Nwabia’s family, he died in the early hours of Sunday following an unsuccessful blood transfusion procedure in Lagos.

A Twitter user, Ojugo Onyeluka (@GentleOjay) confirmed his death after speaking with Mr Nwabia’s wife.

It was not immediately clear why the procedure was necessary for a man who appeared agile and socially adept. His last Tweet was three days ago, indicating he might have fallen ill beyond recovery after that.

“His wife was sobbing uncontrollably,” Mr Onyeluka said. “I was also too emotionally broken to ask him why the transfusion had to be done so urgently.”

Some of his associates have also tweeted confirmation of his passing and hailed him as a courageous political commentator and patriot.

Mr Nwabia is popular amongst supporters of the opposition , which he used his Twitter handle (@MrStanleyNwabia) to champion online. Some of his associates have speculated a kidney failure as the cause of death.

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Twitter Influencers pay tributes to Stanley Nwabia:



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