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‘The Dark Crystal’ Is Only As Appealing As Its Misshapen Creatures

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’s new animated show leaves a sour taste.

The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance basically deals with the world of Thra and its inhabitants (the Gelfings), who are ruled by the scheming Skeksis.

The Skeksi, who are the keepers of the crystal, plot to use its dark powers for their selfish interests and this sparks a resistance.

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The choice of using puppetry makes the characters look like ugly toys and it is obvious that the movement of the lips is not in sync with the words being spoken.

The lack of facial expressions is another pointer that computer-generated creatures would have worked better. Fans will likely lose interest halfway through as all they will see is a bunch of misshapen beings prancing about, looking lifeless despite their incessant prattling.

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One of the few positives is what appears to be the visually impressive world of Thra but even its plant life looks like a moviemaker’s nightmare.

Netflix has made mistake with this series as it is lacking in substance and shouldn’t be renewed for a second season.

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Rating: 4/10

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