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The Real Reason Behind Aisha’s Outburst Over Buhari

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Aisha Buhari on BBC

Here is the opinion of Dr. Umar Sani Bebeji on the ongoing squabble between President Buhari and his spouse and I concur:

“If you think Aisha Buhari is speaking because of the hardship across the land then you are yet to understand her interest. You think she really cares about any of us?

She and her people are not “chopping” as anticipated. If the president had given her access to the till, you know she’ll care less that there is hardship anywhere. It is all about self, and her entourage. This outburst is clearly an outcome of deeply suppressed personal discontent.

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Secondly, politics aside, who among you will tolerate a wife running her mouth in public this way? Is she is a politician? Did we elect her do do anything on our behalf? Is she an appointed statutory adviser? Her simple job is to be a good wife to Mr. President. Give him the necessary emotional support an handle family affairs now that his hands are full, minding her damn private business as beautician and whatever the heck business she runs…and take that her daughter off our affairs and screens too.

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If she cannot effectively get her husband’s full attention and manipulate him to do her bidding, then she is a disappointment to women folk. It exposes her own weakness as as wife. Sophisticated wives get their husbands to do things with excitement.
On this, I say kudos to Baba for resisting the urge to be swindled into putting personal interests of Aisha and her entourage ahead of his convictions to run Nigeria like he belongs to everybody.”

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