The “Surrender” Of Boko Haram And The Opening Of A New Front South Of The Niger

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– Bishop Magic writes:

Is it only me, but it appears has been surrendering in droves of late with the Sunni Muslim Nigerian Govt and security forces opening up what they want us to believe as “de-radicalization” camps for the surrendered terrorists.

Now, this shouldn’t be an issue but rather ought to be celebrated as a success in the war on terror but when you consider the official govt stance of placing Boko Haram terrorists in “de-radicalization” camps without any word of prosecuting them in the near future in court for the criminal and treasonable activities they have raked up these past 9yrs then we ought to be wary.

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We should also factor the impending ethnoreligious riots that are currently brewing slowly on low burn stemming from the Northern Youth Forum’s ultimatum of Igbos residing in the north, the sacking of Fulanis in Taraba, the North’s insistence on maintaining their leprous vice grip on power in the fallout of Buhari being declared dead and the Biafran agitation to secede from Nigeria.

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I tend to read in between the lines all times and it has proven to be my best form of decoding future events.

This instinctive rationalization of events has served me well in being able to predict almost precisely northern foolishness and it will not stop now.

It is my strong belief that the sponsors of Boko Haram are now deploying their foot soldiers further south from their Sambisa Emirate to the new threat simmering further south.


Buhari Declares Sambisa Forest Has Been Reclaimed From Boko Haram

The Jihad just got a boost and all those bullsh1t deradicalization camps are nothing but debriefing and redeployment camps which the northern Muslim dominated security forces will use to unleash their boko brethren allover the polity.

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