‘They Killed My Son’ – Florence Omagbemi Laments At The Loss Of Her 15-year-old

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Florence Omagbemi, Super Falcons boss has claimed her son, Samson was killed following reports that teenager drowned at an after exam party in Delta state.

The bodies of the 15-year-old boy and a classmate were found in an hotel’s swimming pool two days after they went missing at a school after exam party.

Omagbemi who happens to be the foster parent of the child, has raised suspicions of the cause of the death.

She told the Cable: “I feel so shattered that they killed my son,

“What kind of after school party will a teacher organized for 15-year-olds without the consent of their parents?

“To make matter worse, the teacher took the young students to a hotel to celebrate the completion of their JSS exams.

“I believe the boys were purposely taken to the hotel to be killed. This is too much for me to even think of or bear.

“There is nothing the teacher who took the students to the hotel for an after exams party will tell me that I will believe because they kill them on purpose.

“The party was on Monday and the boys had been missing since then. My family reported to the police since that Monday and repeatedly went to the hotel where they had the party without finding the boys till Wednesday.

“It means they were killed and later dumped into the pool when my family kept going there. How can two bodies be in a hotel pool from Monday and never noticed till Wednesday?

“And they took the bodies to the mortuary without the consent of the police or the school? This is too much for me.”

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