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Top 7 Compliments That Will Make Your Girlfriend Blush

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Here is a hack into women’s happiness with mere words of compliments. We women seek validation from the people we hold dear, even the most independent among us. Therefore, it is really nice when you say how beautiful we are and all of that but compliments that would melt us faster than ice cream on a hot day are the warm, uncommon and heartfelt.

Thus, here is a selection of 7 compliments you can never go wrong with (as long as you mean them).

1. I love to watch you work
If she loves working, then telling her this makes her feel less like a nerd and more comfortable with being who she is.

2. You inspire me
My oh, my! What could be more heartwarming than to find out that your boyfriend admires you? She will fall in love with you afresh for saying this.

3. You are sexy
You can never go wrong with this one, guys. It is classic. A girl always wants to feel wanted by her man.

4. I am proud of your ambition/career/what you do
Every ambitious lady who wants a long-lasting relationship would definitely want her man to also appreciate her drive in the workplace.

5. You are like my unique brand of aphrodisiac
Well, this does not mean you should get pumped on drugs but telling her that she motivates you and is made for you will make her feel wanted.

6. I would never get bored of you
Most ladies secretly worry that when they find a good man, he will skip into the sunset but telling her that you will never tire of her reassures her.

7. I love your ***
Pick a part of her body and just idolize it (not literally). Oga, there has to be something on her body that you just love. Tell her!


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