Top Celebs Well-Known for their Love of iGaming

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It’s no news that gambling if indulged in moderation can deliver a lot of enjoyment, and is also often considered relaxing since some of the gambling options don’t require a lot of skill. People have been known to play casino games in public areas and casinos for a long time now. Casinos also prove to be an excellent place for gamblers to connect with each other. 

Even the reputed online casinos, such as the one accessible through Betway app, are capable of delivering excellent social gambling experiences to the players. Furthermore, as both off-line and online casinos are highly secure places, people can gamble worry-free with them. In addition, the public nature of these platforms, especially the brick and mortar casinos, ensures that celebrities cannot hide their gambling indulgences. Let’s acquaint you with some such famous celebs who are well known for their love of gambling.

Tiger Woods

Counted amongst the greatest golfers of all time, and definitely the best of the last century, Tiger Woods has won more than 100 professional tours, of which 80 were PGA, and 40 European. Other than golf, Tiger Woods is also passionate about gambling.


He began gambling after befriending other well-known sports persons like Charles Barkley and Michael Jordan. He can be often spotted gambling at MGM Grand Vegas’ The Mansion. Woods is a rather conservative gambler and is normally found indulging alone in his favourite casino games.

Michael Jordan

A legendary professional basketball player, Michael Jordan has had an amazing career in the sport, and is widely considered the best of his era. He played majority of his NBA basketball with Chicago Bulls, and joined Washington Wizards only during the later stages of his career.


Apart from having enjoyed an extremely successful basketball career, Michael also came to be recognised as an avid gambler. Even after he formally stopped casino gambling, he continued betting on golf and basketball up until 1993.

Floyd Mayweather Jr

A professional boxer, Floyd Mayweather Jr is no stranger to millions of boxing fans across the world. Having won 50 fights in total, of which 27 were by knockout, and zero losses, have made him a sort of a legend in the boxing world. Not only does he have a good number of boxing accomplishments, and several titles to boast about, he also participated in the Olympic Games for his country.


Other than boxing, Floyd Mayweather Jr is well known to regularly indulge in sports betting, and often posts his betting accomplishments on his Instagram account.

Charles Barkley

Another professional athlete who has immense fondness for gambling, Charles Barkley is counted amongst the best basketball players to have ever graced the sport. He is well known for indulging in gambling along with his popular friends like Tiger Woods and Michael Jordan. Although he stopped placing sports bets in 2008, at one time he used to indulge heavily in blackjack and would place regular punts on all kinds of sports events including the Super Bowl.

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