TRENDING VIDEOS: Zamorra “IMPORTANTER” & Picazo Rhap “Able God” Freestyle

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Picazo Rhap Able God and Zamorra Importanter

As always, there are always trends that keep the Nigerian social space alive and two notable videos buzzing the Internet in Nigeria is ’s “IMPORTANTER” freestyle and freestyle on ‘s Able God beat.

Zamorra who has been an up and coming act for a while is no doubt a sensational act that has all it takes to stamp himself in the Nigerian music scene. If there is a doubt about that, the ‘IMPORTANTER’ video will definitely change your view.

There are lots of indigenous rappers in Nigeria and majority are not in the limelight yet but @picazo_rhap freestyle on Chink Ekun’s Able God is so good that it could make him hit the limelight.

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