UK Serial Child Rapist Murdered In Prison

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Serial child rapist, Richard Huckle
Serial child rapist,

Richard Huckle, ’s worst pedophile, was found dead in his prison cell on Sunday, with stab wounds on his body.

The convict was serving a 25-year sentence for 191 sexual offenses against children (some as young as six months) in a trial that took place in 2016. He was killed with a makeshift ‘shiv’ knife.

Huckle’s lifeless body was discovered in his top-floor cell at HMP Full Sutton, a prison near York. Many of Britain’s most notorious criminals are currently being housed as inmates in the location.

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The deceased had targeted care homes and orphanages under the guise of being a devout Christian before his detention and had taught English and Photography in Malaysia and .

Huckle with a child
Huckle with a child
The sex offender with another victim
The sex offender with another victim
Richard Huckle

Huckle had gone as far as filming himself raping babies and children, gathering a staggering 20,000 images of child abuse which he sold for profit. He had been caught in 2014 following the Australian police’s discovery of a network of online pedophiles.

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