US Court Validates President Trump’s Impeachment Process

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President Donald Trump

A Judge yesterday validated the Democratic-led impeachment inquiry against President Donald , directing his administration to produce a copy of Robert Mueller’s report containing details of Russian interference in the 2016 election.

Judge gave the Justice Department until Wednesday next week to provide the material from Mueller’s report that was subpoenaed by the House Judiciary Committee.

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Judge Beryl Howell
Judge Beryl Howell

The department had stated that the information in the report could not be revealed because it contained content from grand jury proceedings that was supposed to be secret. Judge Howell disagreed, saying that the committee’s need for disclosure of the material was greater than the need for continued secrecy.

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The Democrats have been seeking access to the redacted materials in their efforts to build a case to impeach President Trump from office and with the validation from the court, the impeachment process seems to have been given the needed traction.

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