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Uti Nwachukwu Cuddles Two White Chics In Club Who Mistook Him For T-Pain

Uti Nwachukwu

Popular TV host of Jara, and former BBA housemate, recently shared fun moments while parting at a UK Club in Manchester as he disclosed that some peeps at the party mistook him for American artiste, T-pain.

According the actor, upon arriving , two white ladies approached him and began calling him T-pain. Uti said he took advantage of their ignorance and cuddled with them all night long.

Although this left more people confused cause they felt the actor made things up for publicity as there is hardly any form of resemblance between him and Tpain.


Uti at the club


Uti with white chics

Uti and white girls

According to Uti in a clip shared on social media:

“So the funniest thing happened that night in Manchester. because I wear jombo kaleidoscope glasses and fall my Dreds. These oyimbo babes (and more Begin Shout OMG!!! IT’S TPAIN!!!!!Na so dem rush me oo. soso hugs and kisses If na u …u go talk say u nor be TPAIN !!!!! I tap free current till I faint.”


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