Vin Diesel Is A Superhuman Killer In ‘Bloodshot’ Trailer

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Bloodshot is a character from Valiant Comics
Bloodshot is a character from Valiant Comics

Actor and former stuntman is a superhero with vengeance on his mind in Bloodshot, a testosterone-charged action movie from Dave Wilson.

Fans have reasons to be excited as the movies keep rolling in, and Bloodshot looks like a major winner; Vin Diesel is a crowd pleaser and the action scenes and visual effects look amazing.

Vin Diesel
Vin Diesel

Based on the Valiant Comics character of the same name, the film stars Diesel as Ray Garrison, a Marine who is murdered (alongside his wife) and brought back to life by a secret team of scientists.

Genetically enhanced with nanotechnology, Ray evolves into the metahuman killing machine known as Bloodshot. As he trains with other super-soldiers, he begins to regain his memories and breaks out of the facility, bent on exerting revenge on the man behind his murder and that of his wife.

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Vin Diesel’s real name is Mark Sinclair and he was born on July 18, 1967. He is an American actor, producer, director, and screenwriter who gained international fame with his role as Dominic Toretto in The Fast and the Furious franchise.


He lent his voice to the character of Groot in the Guardians of the Galaxy and Avengers movies and is set to appear in ’s Avatar sequels.

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