Walt Disney Partners With Microsoft To Make Movies In The Cloud

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Exterior of the Walt Disney Studios

Walt Studios has teamed up with to move key parts of its movie-making and distribution processes to the cloud.

The 5-year partnership spearheaded by Disney’s StudioLab, and internal innovation incubation lab has the ultimate goal of using Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform all the way.

Exterior of Microsoft building

The two companies made the announcement on Friday, September 13 and Walt Disney Studios Chief Technology Officer Jamie Voris in an interview with Variety said that there were a lot of benefits of being in the cloud.

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Voris said the initial focus of the collaboration will be on moving some of the Studio’s editing to the cloud. Cloud-based editing will make Walt Disney Studios easily work together across multiple locations.

We can be on set in and editing in Burbank. Filmmaking is a global process.Jamie Voris

With embracing global streaming services as Disney does with Disney Plus, it’s only logical that the industry would also look to technology to future-proof its global production pipelines.

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