Wike And Amaechi In Supremacy Battle Over PDP Convention

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– Fimihor Michael –

“Win or lose – you lose” – inside joke leaks and makes whispers at Senate President Bukola Saraki’s daughter’s wedding as ’s JOKER vs leaks on eve of PDP National Convention!

You can trust everybody knows Rotimi Amaechi doesn’t like money and if you doubt it, then it is because Rotimi Amaechi has never dashed you money before. If Rotimi Amaechi should bless you, you will understand that Rotimi Amaechi has a serious problem with money… he changes lives stratospherically!!

What nobody doubts though is that Rotimi Amaechi has an ongoing personal problem with the Governor of Rivers State Nyesom Wike and the Governor knows his adversary will never let an opportunity pass by without reminding him of the extent of his power, influence and ingenious capacity to spring a surprise.

It isn’t often game changing political events such as a political party’s national convention occur, so when the PDP announced after a protracted period of internal turmoil that its NEC had approved December 9th for its forthcoming national convention, Nyesom Wike instinctively sensed Amaechi would take a natural interest in undermining his political interests and will find uncanny opportunities once again to demonstrate that he doesn’t like money.

Anybody who has followed Governor Wike’s frantic if not desperate efforts to ensure his long time friend and political bredren Prince Uche Secondus is elected to the Office of National Chairman of the PDP will have observed that Governor Wike has speared no cost and left no stone unturned in securing the delegate votes for his annointed and trusted friend Prince Uche Secondus. It is rumoured Wike has been offering mouth watering amounts to frontline candidates to step down for his annointed. Wike is thought to be paranoid about Amaechi outsmarting him for a second time (this is another hot inside gist) and will not trust anybody but Prince Uche Secondus to protect him and his interests from Amaechi.

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Rotimi Amachi on the other hand has throughout maintained radio silence concerning the developments surrounding the , but sources now reveal the Minister of Transport had long since perfected his secret plan to embarass Governor Wike at the convention. Those privy to the plan christened their JOKER “Win or Lose, You Lose!”

Amidst the shmoozing and fine dinning Senate President Bukola Saraki offered at his delectable daughter’s wedding, leading APC politicians were put on red alert as an inside joke confirming a plan in play brought about some frenzied chatter.

An impeccable source well known for having his ear to the ground has confirmed that Amaechi is sponsoring a frontline South West politician via some proxies with close ties to the APC. The DG of the campaign organisation, a northerner from Bauchi State, is understood to have brokered the deal that will see the candidate’s campaign budget fully funded in exchange for secrecy of the true sponsors of the candidate and the right to nomimate the candidate’s agents at the National Convention.

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Our source went on “Two weeks ago one of the agents attached to this South West candidate called his principal to inform him that only a fraction of what was budgeted was being expended on the delegates they met during their nationwide campaign tour.” The agent was told verbatim “Oga doesn’t care if they chop the money, just make sure his agents are on ground to monitor Secondus vote.”

It turns out Amaechi doesn’t care much about his candidate winning. He has anticipated Wike will be too smart with his access to resources to allow that happen. Instead he has narrowed his plan to monitoring delegates from each state that votes for Uche Secondus. The logic is simple. Nobody in PDP outside Rivers wants Secondus to return as Chairman. Any delegate outside Rivers who votes for Secondus must have been influenced and paid by Wike to sell their vote.

The inside joke at Saraki’s wedding was that “the market is selling” meaning delegates are selling and Wike is paying. What Amaechi plans to do with the agents monitoring the states and delegates who vote for Secondus is anyone’s guess, but if the whispers at Saraki’s party are anything to go by, we know already that whether Secondus wins or loses, Wike certainly loses.

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