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Woman Announces Being HIV Positive, You Won’t Believe What Ex-lover Did

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She posted saying: “Hi Joro, i’m HIV positive. I just found out some months back, have been trying to deal with it.

I’m currently not in the country to heal my mind in a holistic way.


Something bothered me recently, I saw my ex who I had 8 months of unprotected sex with on weddings blogs on IG getting married. Last time I tried to contact him he blocked me before I could say Adam.

He never replied mails. I saw him on Bella blogs all looking happy and blissful with his new bride. My sixth sense wants to tell him to get tested as soon as possible but I don’t know what to do.


We never ever used condom, he resented it. Please should I make effort to tell him or leave him to find out on his own?… Joro I don’t want to spoil his happiness but I think he should know.

Please share.”

Effort again, after he has blocked you….Just saying tho!

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