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World Cup 2018: Russia vs Egypt 3 – 1 [HIGHLIGHTS]

World Cup 2018: vs 3 – 1 [HIGHLIGHTS VIDEO DOWNLOAD]

Download video highlights Russia vs Egypt 3-1

The host country of the 2018 World Cup have defeated Egypt in a group match which ended 3-1.

The hosts rack up their second victory in a row and only something freakish can stop them from reaching the next round now. They deserved this win even if the critical breakthrough came courtesy of a lot of luck, an own goal by Fathi.

Egypt were also cursed by Salah’s shoulder injury: he was said to be fit enough to start and he did his best but he was clearly still hampered by the injury he suffered in the Champions League final. That did not stop him from scoring but by then it was too late.


Russia may not be teeming with ingenuity but they do have some dinky players – Zobnin was particularly impressive in midfield today – and play with great vibrancy. And they’ve scored eight goals in two matches. They won’t be easy opponents for anyone. Egypt, meanwhile, look certain to be eliminated by at least they could register their first ever World Cup win when they face Saudi Arabia in their last game.



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