Xenophobia: South Africans Loot, Burn Foreign-Owned Properties

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South Africans have begun fresh attacks, looting, and burning of businesses and properties belonging to foreigners.

Three people were killed in the renewed attacks, while an injured person is still receiving treatment for smoke inhalation, the President of the Nigeria Union (NUSA), Adetola Olubajo, said on Monday.

The President of the Nigeria Union South (NUSA), Adetola Olubajo said on Monday that the attacks began on Sunday morning in the Jeppestown area of Johannesburg when a building was set ablaze by an angry mob.

The ongoing Xenophobic Sagittarians and other foreigners have seen properties including cars belonging to Nigerians being set on fire.

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The on properties belonging to Nigerians occurred just after the South Africans allegedly raided the embassy in the country. It was further learned that some Nigerians are currently hiding in bushes due to the violence meted out by South Africans.

This is coming after a staged by Taxi drivers over the murder of their colleague turned violent.

The cabbie was shot dead after he alongside other Taxi drivers reportedly confronted suspected drug dealers in the community in a bid to clean the city’s streets. It was also learned that some were involved in the sale of drugs.

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The incident led to a targeted attack on foreigners majorly Nigerians. Shops belonging to Nigerians were also looted after the incident.

Olubajo said that information gathered by members of NUSA in the Malvern area indicated that over 50 shops/businesses were destroyed, looted and burnt over the night.

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