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YBNL Princess, Temmie Ovwasa’s Future Is Teni’s Past

YBNL Nation Temmie Ovwasa

A lot of Nigerian artists have been sent to their early grave by the inability to make a significant record following their emergence, Many of them are seen parading the music industry as a living dead musician with no relevance in the music scene.

, is one of the few notable acts (most likely forgotten, or not in the know of contemporary young listeners).

Recall in 2016, when stood us all up in a bid to make the big announcement of the YBNL Princess signing. We got an air of her performance and many described her as the new Asa as she turned out to be good on strings. As if a couple of critics knew what would become of her, one resounding criticism was that she’s not the kind of artist Olamide should focus on and another says, “She’s a mirage and we can’t be sure of her musical talent yet”.

Temmie Ovwasa YBNL Princess

Fast forward to 2018, two years down the line, Temmie Ovwasa has no album to her credit, that sounds not too bad, she can’t even boast of two successive singles. “Jabole”, “Bamidele” and “Afefe” didn’t yield to expectations – Yes! Our expectations. ‘Cause Baddo came high and lofty with the annoucement of her joining the label but it all below the hype.

A lot of questions have been raised by the fans of the YBNL Nation as regards her silence. Temmie Ovwasa was that singer that stunned on Instagram with her several acoustic covers and going mainstream swept her under the carpet.

Teniola Apata aka Makanaki got on the same train and we still see moving on the track. Where has Temmie Ovwasa got it wrong? Or could it be us doing an overthinking about her matter as she might not be this bothered?


Probably we should get used to the reality that the music part of her no longer exists and move on with those at the center stage now. Temmie Ovwasa’s future would have been Teni’s past!

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