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Young MA – Kold World

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Kold World

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Album: Herstory In The Making 
Released: 27 September 2019 

On this song, “Kold World”, Young M.A separates the real from the fake as she makes it clear that the table is reserved for the most real.

“Kold World” is one of the prominent tracks from Young M.A’s recent album, “Herstory In The Making” and she makes quite a loud statement on the track.

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In its natural contest, Young M.A tries to pass the message of how much a cold world we live in and how everyone is left to fend their way up. This, of course, it’s what many are familiar with but in the same vein, the rapper says there are some gees that are worth celebrating with.

Quotable Lyrics:

Loyalty ain’t nothin’ but a word, that’s my word
Niggas actin’ like they in your lane, then they swerve (Skrrt)
You can’t sit with us no more, this table is reserved (Yeah)
For niggas who deserve to eat and they gon’ eat for certain
Niggas ain’t gon’ leech off me, mm-mm, no, that’s for sure
It’s a cold world, brr-brr, buy a fur
I ain’t never stressed to be up next, I wait my turn
And I learned to stack up every dollar that I earne

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