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Young Thug – Gain Clout

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Following the release of his “Slime Language” album, here is “Gain Clout” video by .

In “Gain Clout”, Young Thug raps about the state of the rap game in which rappers seem to do any and everything to attain success, or “clout,” a term that has become affectionately used in the last two years.

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Quotable Lyrics:

All of these young niggas killin’ each other
They tryna just gain clout
How you gon’ lie, just say that I said that
The fuck is you talkin’ about?
I had the dick inside of her mouth and I still had the chopper out
I put the bitch inside of a Range, the way she suckin’ my cock
I take a hundred racks right out of the bank
And put it on your tater tots
I got the crop Chanel bag, I’m ’bout to go fuck up the block
Hop in the Porsche then hopped out the Jag’
And jack it like Jack in the Box
I put Chanel, the lil’ bitty bags all over all of the dots

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