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Young Thug – Rocket Man (Elton John Remix)

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Here is with Rocket Man Elton John Remix.

“Rocket Man” Remix features a vocal sample from the song’s hook as well as the piano chords, and finds Thug dueting with Elton’s hook, before delivering a half-sung, half-rapped verse that hits on some vocal ideas you never thought you’d hear over an Elton instrumental. It’s an emotional performance that finds the rapper darting between subjects, mashing personal reflection with outlandish boasts: “She let me back in like she never cried/She let me back in like I never lied/I look like a cat with eleven lives.”

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Quotable Lyrics

I land by my side, different land for my kind (Thugger!)
Spend ol’ bands for my pa (racks)
Spend ol’ bands for my mother (I’m a rocket man)
Got a plan for my brother (hey)
Chanel bag for my lover (hey)
Fuck them ol’ niggas they ol’ suckas (hey)
They tellin’ on one another
I want a train, let’s run a train
If she wan’ bang then let her bang
He said he bleeding, where the stain? (where is it?)
My bitch at the top of food chains (I’m a rocket man)
They local, I don’t even know the name (no)
I been fresh since a kid, I ain’t never plain
I just picked up a bag and robbed a dame
Imma whip out the back and pop ya brain (And I’m gonna be-)
I do what I want and shawty can’t (yeah)
I do what I feel and shawty cannot
I’m diggin’, I digg and shawty layin’ (Thugger)
And all of the bitches say they digg that (I’m a rocket man)
From Maine way to Spain
All I got is a chicken for the thots
I take off like a plane…

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