Yvonne Nelson: Ghanaian Actress Says Her Mother Was Disappointed With Her Pregnancy

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Yvonne Nelson

has revealed her mother was very disappointed when she told her she was pregnant.

Opening up about her much-publicized pregnancy to WOW Magazine Nigeria, Yvonne said her mother, like every mother, wanted her to marry before having a child. So she was, as expected, very disppointed when she broke the news to her.

“But the hard part was having to tell my mum. I waited for my mum, she had just returned from a trip. I remember telling her I was pregnant and she was so shocked and her first words were but you are not married and I replied yes,” she said. “My mum, she used to be so big on marriage, she was very traditional, marriage then baby.”

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Yvonne Nelson pregnancy

However she said her mum is now super supportive of her despite getting pregnant before marriage.

“She is now more concerned about the baby. .. She is just so happy as I am,” she said.

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