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Zachary Levi Has Seen ‘Joker’ And Has This To Say About It

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Shazam actor, Zachary Levi
Shazam actor,

Shazam star Zachary Levi has heaped praises on DC’s Joker movie, encouraging fans to go and see it.

Joker is proving to be a real juggernaut with its recent box office record and praise from critics and fans. It’s no wonder it’s the rave of the moment – ’s outrageously dedicated performance was complemented and the violent nature of the film prompted fears that it would inspire more shootings but this hasn’t been the case.

Now Zachary Levi has joined his voice to those who have had nothing but positive words for ’ movie and as it turns out, Levi is also part of the DC Extended Universe, having recently played Billy Batson/Shazam earlier this year.

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Levi as Shazam character
Levi as Shazam character
Levi at an event for Shazam movie
Levi at an event for Shazam movie

Levi’s post suggests that the movie is not for the faint of heart but that shouldn’t be an issue as there are so many R-rated movies being released every now and then. What fans ought to take from his comment is that the hype around the movie is worth it and that it measures up to the standard of how movies should be made.

Zachary Levi Pugh is an American actor and singer who received critical acclaim for playing the title character in the series Chuck. He has also appeared in the Cinematic Universe as Fandral in the films Thor: The Dark World and Thor: Ragnarok.