Senate Votes For Removal Of NYSC From The Nigerian Constitution

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NYSC to be removed from the Nigerian Constitution

The Nigerian Senate yesterday conducted a voting exercise for or against the removal of the mandatory National Youth Service Corps () Scheme from the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Well, the majority has voted for the removal.

This is something like a good news for many young Nigerians, however, it doesn’t mean that NYSC is no longer compulsory for university graduates.

It is a first step in allowing the Nigerian lawmakers to amend the NYSC decree. This development comes as many Nigerian youths who are fed up with the nonproductive nature of the scheme have been clamouring for its termination.

An overwhelming majority of eighty-eight Senators voted for the removal of the NYSC decree from the Constitution, whilst 3 Senators voted against the amendment vote.

The lawmakers were very busy during their session yesterday, July 26th, as they also voted on 32 other constitutional amendments including voting for the reduction of the age at which a Nigerian can run for President and the removal of the land use act from the constitution.99



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