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Tatiana Manaois – Helplessly

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We revisiting Tatiana Manaois‘s 2015 hit record, “Helplessly” which numbers among her prominent singles that gave her presence in the global scene.

Quotable Lyrics:

See you distract me,
But I’m distracted without you.
I don’t know how to focus,
Baby, teach me how to.
‘Cause I’m standing still again

But if you love me
Just like the way that I love you
I wouldn’t mind
A little comforting from you.
Why do I let you in my head?

And I gotta go sometimes,
But you’re always on my mind.

You’re not helping me (5xce)

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  1. HGNL RECORD Reply

    baby girl, you just amazing me and inspired my inspiration everytime i listen to ya songs. kept it up titi babe, u gat me happy still ur boy. #littledoct da ancient rapper

  2. Lovely
    I always feel happy we listening 2 ur music, even if I feel so down, ur songs inspired me, waiting 4 new more release
    I love uuuu

  3. Loveth Tracy Reply

    Feel so happy listening to your song it keeps me going when am broken

  4. Christopher Reply

    I always feel happy when listening to ur song it motive me well

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